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Gold investment offers an attractive store of value in times of uncertainty and geo-political risk. Gold is accepted as a 'safe haven asset'.

Investing in gold and gold-related companies with their low correlation to other assets provides a strong foundation for a well diversified portfolio.

Gold benefits from the positive trend of net buying by Central Banks including the Central Banks of emerging nations that continue to increase their gold reserves.

Gold has a long track record as an alternative vehicle for wealth preservation; it is a proven hedge against both inflation and currency risk.

Gold's long-term supply and demand dynamics and macro-economic factors ensure that gold remains a sought-after asset.

Gold benefits from the continuing strong demand for gold jewelry, bars and coins from the Middle East, India, China and the Far East in addition to the traditional markets of North America and Europe.

Gold use in technological, industrial and dental applications continues to grow.

Gold remains one of the least volatile commodities compared to others such as zinc, palladium, nickel, lead and crude oil.

Gold is generally viewed as being - despite recent rises - in a long term bull market.

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