Global Gold And Natural Resources Fund
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Investment Objective

The fund seeks absolute returns in US dollars by investing in the gold and natural resources sectors worldwide.


The fund primarily invests in gold related equities. It particularly focuses on companies that are undervalued but have favourable growth prospects. The selection of these companies is carried out through detailed and extensive research on a world-wide basis. The fund can also invest directly in precious metal bullion as well as other natural resource related equities and commodities.


The fund is geared to the needs of investment institutions, financial advisers and experienced individual investors:

1. Seeking long-term capital appreciation.

2. Looking to diversify their portfolios by adding exposure to gold and natural resources, a growth sector with a low correlation to other financial assets.

3. Preferring to reduce risk by holding a broad spread of investments in the sector, rather than a limited number of individual stocks.

4. Seeing the advantages of holding a fund that not only invests in the equities of related companies, but can also hold gold, silver and palladium.

5. Wanting to choose a fund that has a specialist management team focused on investing in this sector with a long established track record.

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Swiss Valoren No: 1.557.566
Bloomberg Ticker: PCGLDFD CY
Type of Fund:

Cyprus private fund under International Collective Investment Scheme Law No. 47 (1) 1999 of Cyprus.

Information on Cyprus international investment funds.

Fund Manager: P&C Global Fund Management Ltd, Cyprus.

P&C Global Wealth Managers SA, Switzerland.

Fund Structure: Details.
Custodian: RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust, UK.
Administrator: C P Palema Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus.
Auditor: KPMG, Limassol, Cyprus.
Minimum Investment: USD 100,000.
Sales Fee:

2% for subscribers who contact the fund directly. Go to Contact.

Up to 5% through intermediaries.

Dealings: Monthly (last business day of month).
Investment Management Fee 1.80% p.a.
Performance Fee: 12% p.a. on absolute returns (High Water Mark principle).
Manager's Report: Monthly reports are sent by email to investors and are published on this website, go to Updates.
P&C Global Gold and Natural Resources Fund
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